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Exclusive update about Scrubs/WGA strike

A while back, I posted about my trip to the Scrubs set. I was recently in touch with one of the members of the production staff I communicated with while there, and I got some news about what's going on with the show with regard to the strike:

After today, Friday, they are going on a 2-week break and then will resume production for 3 more days. If nothing is resolved by then, that's it. There should be 11 completed episodes by that time, but nothing is certain what will happen with regards to finishing the series, the finale, etc.

Sad news. =( But at least we get 7 more episodes! That's more than most shows have left, although that's mostly due to the fact that Scrubs started late anyway.

Please DO NOT post this information elsewhere! I ask that you only link back to this post, as it is exclusive information as opposed to an article.
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